TBASA has been formed to regulate the polycarbonate burglar bar industry in Southern Africa. The association has been established for the following sole objective: To set the standards for the transparent barrier industry. To supply accredited installers to clients and insurance companies, in order for them to be assured that we are looking after their concerns. To ensure that all active role players in the industry are aiming towards a common goal. 

Standards required of transparent
burglar bars 

•The product must be polycarbonate or any other stronger option; 

•Imported from ISO regulated company and minimum standards of polycarbonate must comply with TBASA standards; 

•Members of TBASA must supply independent tensile tests at regular intervals (12 months) by a reputable organisation qualified to perform such tests; 

•Distributors and installers of polycarbonate should be open to regular site visits to approve proper recording and handling of materials. 

Polycarbonate minimum standards:

•Minimum bar width - 28 mm; 

•Minimum bar thickness - 5 mm; 

•Bars must have routered edges to prevent injuries; 

•Tensile strength - 60 MPA (independent test); 

•UV protected on both sides - UV2; 

•Minimum of 10-year warranty against UV discolouration; 

•Minimum of 10-year warranty on tensile strength; 

•No damaged bars will be installed.